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27/7 on hope you check it out. remember the spin always stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: republicans are poised to make quite the comeback this november. almost every poll has the scales tipping in the gop's favor. frank due port says republicans presume turn-out advantage combined with current 10 point registered voter lead suggest for a major wave election in which republicans take back control of the house. in their latest poll republicans are twice as enthusiastic than democrats about voting in the upcoming elections. americans say they trust republicans more than democrats on 7 out of 9 key election issues in the last midterm elections three million more democrats voted in primaries this year so far three million more republicans turned out no wonder things are looking good for the gop. here to give the party's
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blueprint to victory, michael steele is back. those numbers have to make you happy? >> they bring a smile to my face. what is more telling, i was a little amused earlier in the week when you had the chairman van holland say we've made 400,000 voter contacts and how unprecedented that was for the democrats. on the day' method that i got a report that said we had already made 7.8 million voter contacts itch the base is ready. they are fired up. our activists are red. our candidates are ready. this is going to be, i think, a very important election on a number of fronts. most especially for the party. i think you have seen, you and i have had this conversation, the pwaerlt back into the confidence of the american people by staying true to principles, articulating clearly what the principles are applying to the policies we saw in new jersey, virginia
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last year. i think is going to be a wave election. >> sean: how do you respond to the democrat strategy tack kick which is either to blame bush and say this going to be return of the bush era or the republican party is the party of no? the other mantra they are using. how do you counter that? >> i don't think it will be effective. i think the american people see it for what it is. political noise without substance attached. the realive it is, we stood in the door to try to prevent health care. they bold through the american people. >> sean: they bribed through the american people. technicality. >> but the reality is, republican leadership on the hill has offered time and time again and will continue until they take the majority in november when they can act and put into place these policies that empower small businesses by helping them create jobs by opening up capital and credit markets. by trusting the american people to know better about
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their health care than the federal government. i think on these issues and you have seen this in the polling, the issues are saying to the american people, republicans are prepared to listen to us and to act on what we want done to help us create jobs and grow the company and secure our neighborhoods and communities. >> sean: you have planned, after labor day this bus tour. tell us about it. i spoke to you about this. i've spokeney?@ to john boehner, the house minority leader and i've spoken to others. that the republicans are putting their ideas on paper. can you give us a preview of what the american people can expect? >> absolutely not only are the republicans putting their ideas on paper, we are taking that paper to the streets. we are taking those ideas directly to the american people by launching a fire nancy pelosi bus tour. the bus is decked out in red and the slogan is: need a job? fire pelosi. it is time to put the american people back in charge by giving them the avenue they need do that.
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that is going to be getting our candidates in front of them. getting the resources on the ground to help them turn out on election day. this is a 50 state strategy that the party has never done before. we have taken the last seven, eight months, hunkered down and figured out where do we need go to be the most effect five company working with our partners in the senator, congressional, rga, republican governors association to help us create -- >> sean: when do we see the bus? >> probably around the 14th of september. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: specifically, how are you going to describe -- can you give us a preview of what it is, what you are going to call it maybe or what items are gonna be on the list of promises, i guess of some kind, something like a contract with america that the american people will see? >> exactly that's -- that
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piece of it is right now being worked on by members like kevin mccarthy who has been a phenomenal lead other than this point. you have seen some of the preview by paul ryan and leader boehner. when they laid out the economic strategy. all of that is going to get folded into a message for the american people that will be we'll be honored to take around on behalf of our republican leadership to drill down and share with the american people. it is a two-part step here. they are going to have the policy that is going to be backed by the principles. we are going to have the bus that is going to bring that directly to the american people. i'm excited about that. it is a chance for us to not only foe count congressional races, sean and you and i talked about this, the importance of the state legislative races incredibly important in this cycle for the purposes of redistricting. we don't want to have to win in november to have that taken away by5g% democratic state
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legislatures and governors in 2011 and 2012. this is an complete, aggressive pack -- package. >> sean: will it go far enough for those people that have said wait a minute the republican party when in power lost some of their conservative values. one little thing may seem like a little idea, if the republican party would make a pledge to eliminate earmarks, mr. chairman, i i think that would be a symbol that they are serious about balancing budgets, they get it. is that something we might see, women it go that far? >> i've taken that message and shared it with the leadership. you have expressed it consistently on your program. i think that's something that the leadership and others have paid attention to. i think youáb2r -- again i've not been involved in the details of that particular document. "
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see something that goes beyond what we saw in 1994, but that resonates with what people are going through right now when it comes to wealth and job creation. when it comes to our economy. when it comes to our constitution and the that people are concerned about. as you saw expressed this past n the nation's capital with glenn beck and others. i think this document, coupled with our grass roots efforts are gonna be a real resonating factor for voters going into the ballot boxes in november. >> sean: mr. chairman we look forward to need a job? fire nancy pelosi i like it. appreciate you being with us. coming up are college students being indoctrinated by liberal professors? david horowitz says she are. and and more -- coming from capital one, we gedouble miles on every purchase. so wearned an l.a. getaway twice as fast.
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>> this is a fox news weather alert. hurricane earl heading up the northeast coast as a category 1 storm now a weak hurricane packing winds of 75 miles per hour, just above the threshold for a hurricane. hurricane warning in effect for massachusetts from east around cape cod to the beach. outer bands are beginning to bring wind and waves to some massachusetts islands. earl is expected to pass closest to cape cod and nantucket overnight. tropical storm warning in effect for the coast of long island, new york from fire "island inthroat port jefferson harbor. people have already experienced dangerous and rough waves. stay with fox news channel throughout the night we'll have the latest on hurricane earl. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to hannity. for your latest headlines log on to you are watching the most powerful name news, fox news channel.
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>> sean: the gop is poised to make significant gain midterm elections. according to the latest polling data shows republicans with a record 10 point the democrats on the generic ballot. gallup says in the 68 years they've been tracking the generic ballot this is the highest midterm advantage either party has held. last week dcc chair chris van holland attempted to downplay the bleak numbers for the democrats. >> reports of the house democrats' demise are greatly exaggerated. >> sean: according to, strategists are saying privately the house is as good as gone so are the days of democratic rule and the house drawing to a close. joining me dana perino and host of varney and company, stuart varney. good to see you. >> good to be in san diego joining you.
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>> sean: stuart, this is the biggest advantage in 68 years in the generic ballot poll. >> if that poll pans out and the republican do indeed sweep in november, you should start to celebrate. because this economy will turn around and so will the stock market. because, if the republicans win the house for example, you know there's not going to be a big new stimulus plan, wild spending, those days are gone. you are not going to get a big tax hike on the wealthy or anybody else. the worst of health care reform or financial reform may be taken off the table. confidence will return and that two trillion on the sideline goes into the economy. >> sean: the money companies have been putting aside, waiting to invest. as soon as confidence comes back they will go out and they will expand their business, hire people. >> yes. two trillion dollars meld by the biggest companies in america on the sidelines. the banks have an extra
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trillion dollars at the federal reserve. it is all on the sidelines waiting for change of direction in policy. >> sean: all right 68 years, dana what is your interpretation of this? >> if i were them sitting in the white house i would probably want to crawl under my desk and sit in a fetal position for a while. they have a serious problem. it is not anything i don't think they are going to turn around in the next 60 days. i think you will see tightening of the races. after a machine of being home and campaigning the best they can do is a 10 point spread historic in terms of the gallup poll. what i think people aren't realizing is while we are so focused on whether or not the republicans can take back the house, meaning the u.s. house, one of the things that everybody should be watching is all the other state houses around the country and republicans are poiseed to sweep many of those as well h that will make a big difference economically too.
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>> sean: interesting article in the politico democrats are trying separate themselves from nancy pelosi. i guess we can all it pelosi phobia. they may want to do that. but if they voted for stimulus, cap and tax, health care, how do they do it? >> it is going to be difficult. it is easy for the other side to talk about these issues. it is not just that people are looking at these individuals and deciding they don't want them in power any more. what they don't want are the policies resulting from the people who are there. that's why i think you will see the biggest changes. >> dana, in my opinion, here's what we don't like, we've had an 18 month experiment with american association alism. we've seen it, we don't like it, we don't want any more of it. you talk politics, i'll talk money and financial we've had socialism, we want to reverse it. what we've had for 18 months in the economic, economic
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policy and this bashing of business. look, you might find it strange for a guy like me with a voice like this to say it, is unamerican. >> sean: i think you have a great voice. >> unamerican sean. >> sean: listen you are preaching to the choir. i've been warning people about this long before the election in tate. i think he's on to something dana. that is, you know what, for all the people that said, you know, conservative commentators like hannity were going overboard, i mean everything that we said has proven to be true. now people believe it and as stuart says, they are rejecting it. >> it is stunning. for all of their legislative accomplishments and they did have some even though they were ugly battles, but they won them. they can run on any of them and win elections. the results have caught up to their spin. the best example of that from the economic standpoint is one that health care has remained as unpopular as it was the day it passed. they thought everyone would
9:16 pm
get over it. people aren't getting over it. >> sean: reeducate people about the health care bill. >> when in the next 61 days? >> sean: stuart you said and i've quoted you often about this, that really we risk a lost decade. paul ryan warned of a lost decade this past week. saying if we don't move back towards capitalism and away from statism, redistribution, you know stimulus packages, government take over of business we will lose a decade that we won't be able to recover financially. >> we will not if we don't reverse course we will look more and more like europe. europe has very, very slow rates of grow >> sean: germany is turning around since that he adopted reform. >> who would have thought i would say we should follow the europeans, we are going the wrong way they going the right
9:17 pm
way. they are expanding, we are not. >> sean: dana, the last word. >> i think if i were them i would be very concerned, because it is after labor day that people solidify their positions. right now the democrats are probably trying to hold back their losses. the republicans better hope they win the house of representatives, because they've raised expectations so high if they don't it will be seen as a huge victory by the democrats. >> sean: i've been warning them to dampen those expect taste is the -- expectations. >> watch out stock market. watch out economy if the republicans do not sweep the house. >> sean: good point. that would be frightening. guys thanks for being with us. coming up students forced to hide their conservative views for fear of failing classes. we have the shocking true stories behind the battle to restore freedom of speech on college campuses. that and much more, coming up.
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>> sean: over the past several years we've brought you stories about your children being indoctrinated in classrooms by far left professors. a new book setting forth a plan to combat the liberal hijacking of our higher education. david horowitz is offering students the tools to fight for their rights in the classroom when faced with these circumstances. david joins us. good to see you. first of all one of the best days of my life is the day you were debating ward churchill. you go around these campuses debating liberal students, professors, but it has had an impact. >> well, after the war in iraq and afghanistan and the border situation, our schools are the
9:23 pm
frontline of our defenses to civilization. this book that i've just written reforming our universities is history of a seven year campaign i've conducted to try to stop the indoctrination in our schools. >> sean: you said this in september of 2003. >> that's right. i've changed the rules at 15 major universities. that have given students the right not to be indoctrinated for the first time in the history of this country. did it with three people. of course i had students out there supporting me. i'm just talking about my staff. if i had the republican party and the conservative movement behind me, or behind this plan, this is really a blueprint, this book, we could change our schools. i'm very encouraged. i think we are in the start of turning in the conservative movement. couple years ago, if three conservatives were walking
9:24 pm
together they would look at each other and say are we becoming -- now half a million conservatives descend on washington, a big change. >> sean: i want to give you credit. you have been pushing this academic bill of rights. these kids are victims and they don't though. -- they don't know it. you wrote a book about professors we did a five-day segment. one was a guy well-known to this president. bill ayers. >> exactly. southbound southbound what year was that book published? >> in 2006. if i hadn't had the support from you and of course talk radio, i wouldn't have gotten anywhere, that is true. but we need the adults here. conservatives have enormous leverage over universities. they sit onboards of trustees. they sit on appropriations committees. and since what we are trying to enforce is basically
9:25 pm
liberal ideas that are 100-years-old. two sides, if there's a controversial issue. professors should not be imposing their views on students. not that difficult. >> sean: they have a captive audience. i went to school in new york university, first day in the class, political science, double major at time, economics, political science. first thing the professor says i'm a card carrying communist. it was interesting. i sat silent for the first half of the class. got an a -on the term, ended up getting a c+ for the course the lowest grade i've got in college because i started to combat his ideas. >> i know so many students -- one reason i go out to those campus hostel me the same story. they have -- campuses to tell me the same story. they have to blye what they believe to get a decent grade.
9:26 pm
>> sean: if we can get these guys on tape, indoctrinating these kids and pushing their radical agenda. bringing airwaves, isn't that the answer? >> that's one of the answers. i was at the university of massachusetts. i sat, taught by a liberal not a bill ayers at all it was about the warren supreme court at the heart of a lot of divisions in this country today. he completely concealed the conservative side of the argument. ' signs only one book, jeffrey tubin on that other cable -- jeffrey too bin on that other able channel, a leftist. these professors on the one hand recruiting for radical parties, terrorist supporting parties, no question. but there's a lot of professors that are just recruiting for the democratic party. >> sean: how is it possible,
9:27 pm
you have shown a lot of courage because you have gone on hundreds of campuses -- >> i got a bodyguard. >> sean: still getting booed. >> horrifying thing in america. >> sean: thank you need a bodyguard i i think that is sad. how does a guy like bill ayers, unrepentant about bombing the pentagon, new york city police headquarters, how does hegate that job? how does ward churchill -- >> mainly the faculty hire themselves. so they are very radical. the american association of university professors a marxist organization at this point in time. leaders are supporters of aryan and jihadists. it is a very sad situation. they fired the faculty, at harvard fired larry summers because he wasn't left enough
9:28 pm
when he was president. >> sean: pretty sick. great story of your journey and how to combat this. if we want to, the next generation of leftists we are going to not address the problem if we want to save our kids this is the answer. >> we need the adults to join in. >> sean: david good to see you. when we come back our great, great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation. bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the differencautomatically.
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heartburn gone. power on. >> sean: tonight on our panel he's a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board james taranto is back. author of the "new york times" best seller america for sale, a senior staff writer for world net dr. jerome corsi is back. she is senior adviser at the liberal think tank alicia menendez is here. 61 days to go, we are at the two month mark. look at these numbers. we haven't seen numbers like this from gallup in 68 years, since 1942. you are a democrat, i assume want nancy pelosi to remain speaker? >> i certainly would like -- >> sean: that's the yes or no part. >> i now do nonpartisan work
9:33 pm
so it is a more complicated question. the bottom line is these are bad numbers for democrats. >> sean: you are left of center? you want nancy pelosixd)zwfññ te speaker? >> i want the best person possible. and i don't believe that is john boehner. >> sean: you think it is nancy pelosi? >> nancy pelosi at least is more sincere than john boehner putting together an economic plan that create's three trillion dollar deficit and says it reduces -- >> sean: this is interesting we saw this in politico this week democrats are running as far as they can >> greta: nancy pelosi. >> if this is any indication the democrats are in trouble, nobody is going to be a democrat. they all say who they are, they must be democrats, remarkable. >> sean: we see what hag. they are running as far as they can from nancy pelosi for obvious reasons. the problem with that strategy,
9:34 pm
you can runaway if you voted for the stimulus, that's on record. >> same for obamacare. >> sean: if you voted for health care, you can't run from your record. you can't runaway from speaker pelosi, harry reid and barack obama, 60 days out and think that's going to be effective. >> what is more striking they are running from barack obama. what i found most amazing other than perhaps that poll where you say the republicans have never had a lead like that was this poll in ohio found by an 8 point margin ohio residents, democratic poll, ohio residents would rather have george w. bush as president than barack obama. 50-42. bigger mar yin than bush -- margin than -- >> sean: you miss me yet? >> this was supposed to be the summer of recovery. it turned out to be the summer of george. rehabilitation of george w. bush. why? because president obama keeps going around blaming
9:35 pm
everything on george w. bush. reminding people of george w. bush. and people are starting to think, compared with the way things are now they weren't as bad when george w. bush was president. >> sean: it is also comparison in personalities. george w. bush made a decision. since barack obama started running through the 19 months he's been president. i said this before, this president needs to stop, man-up. take responsibility this is his debt, his deficit, his economy, his health care, his failed stimulus. it is him bowing before foreign leaders. at what point does he stop blaming bush? >> i think he has taken responsibility for a lot of. >> sean: no, nothing. >> can we talk about the fact that when republicans win in november, which they are gone that do, americans are going to have an opportunity to start looking at the type of leadership they are providing. i'm afraid they are going to be disappointed with what they offer. >> sean: if they do one thing and only one thing. >> what is that thing?
9:36 pm
>> sean: if they stop the reckless spending -- >> like they did for the eight years they were in power? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: as bad as that was, dr. corsi obama quadrupled what they did. >> we've had a series of unforced errors. the vacation that have been taken. >> sean: gulf oil spill. >> even the handling of the speech in terms of iraq. where is the declaration of victory? where is the deck collar of purpose? what are we going to do next? the unemployment numbers continue to be bad. democrats can run and say it is bush's fault. the american people know that barack obama applied for the job. if he's not able to do the job, american people are going to judge that. >> sean: not only did he apply for it, he begged for it. went around the country and said things would be different. 19, 20 months now to be president of the united states of america and by my account
9:37 pm
he has failed. he has failed to deliver his props to change the country in a better direction to get the economy moving, all the things he promised. the american people through these polls are rendering their judgment. >> he's given us change. i don't know if it is change can believe in a lot has changed alsa. of course, begging -- changes, alas. of course becking for change is what they do. i inherited this mess stkpwraoub . no. the presidency is not an inher -- it is a responsibility that he sought and it is time he lived up . >> i want to be clear. you are comfortable going back to the leadership of the same people you criticized -- >> sean: no i wrote a book on this the tile of my book was called -- the title of my book was called conservative victory it wasn't republican
9:38 pm
victory. as bad as i think spending got with republicans too. i'm saying to republicans make a contract. promise you will eliminate earmarks. promise you will balance the budget. in the contract, go back -- [ talking over each other ] >> i understand that. and if they don't? >> sean: if not, they will be fired. >> we are going to have two years of going back so they can be fired -- >> sean: you are they are going to be the same i am assuming they learned their lesson. >> americans would be just as happy if republicans stopped obama. i think the american people are looking for no right now. >> i think they are looking for real solutions. >> it is mathematically impossible for the republicans to have a veto-proof majority in the senate after this year. the only thing they can do is say no. they don't have power to get legislation passed. >> sean: that's right. certainly they can't override a presidential veto the
9:39 pm
victory is not going to be that big. you are having a tough night. >> look it is three on one. in a million different directions. >> sean: you have to learn to handle it. more with our great american panel, straight ahead. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we got this california man tasered in his own home by a police officer and it has created quite a controversy. let's roll the tape:
9:44 pm
>> sean: we saw the tape there. pretty shocking. what do you glean from it? >> i watched the entire tape it goes on for over 20 minutes. of course it is shocking to see the taser applied this way. i think two points. one is, when you watch the entire tape, this gentleman mcfarland was belligerent and difficult. and the firemen on the scene did a much better job. it got confrontational when the police were there. the firemen had better training on how to handle this cantankerous gentleman, who i think was badly treated. certainly seems excessive. >> sean: it is very, very hard, james i said this over the years, to take a snippet of a video. there's not going to be any arrest. i watch cops too much over the years. there's no arrest that is going to look pretty. especially if -- like if a police officer tells me, mr. hannity do this, yes, sir,
9:45 pm
yes, sir. anything sort of that police have to assume they are in a dangerous situation. >>, yes, but on the other hand, i haven't seen the whole tape, it does sound like the firemen were better equipped to handle the situation. police expect to be dealing with dangerous criminals. they probably need better training deal with people who are just obnoxious. i'm not saying he behaved right. i'm saying it doesn't seem like the tasering was justified. >> sean: there are questions about why they were in the how, it , you are in your own home. what is your reaction? >> i didn't know much about this. it turns thought is very contentious in general with law enforcement. when you use tasers and when you don't. it requires a lot of judgment on the part of police officers. which in some ways is not fair. we weren't there, we didn't see what happened. but it force them to make a snap judgment that isn't always easy to make.
9:46 pm
>> sean: it is not always easy to make. they are not always going to make the right decision but it doesn't mean they are bad cops. >> to support your point, sean everybody looks bad in this tape. this gentleman is using foul language you don't know whether he's going to hit someone. he says he has a gun and he's going to kill himself. police come on the scene and don't know what they are dealing windchill the police react in a way which is confrontational. >> sean: taser certainly they developed the taser so they don't have to use lethal force. it is uncomfortable, hard to watch. i'm sure this guy was in pain to some extent. but he's alive. life enough to file he a lawsuit. >> he had pancreatic cancer, heart problems. again, you can't be critical of the police just coming on the situation not knowing entirely what they were
9:47 pm
dealing with, with a gentleman clearly not cooperating. >> sean: this was in "time" magazine government agents can sneak ton to your property in the dark of night, put a gps device on the bottom of your car being track everywhere you go. it doesn't violate your 4th amendment rights because you don't have reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway. >> this was a decision by the 9th circuit court of peels my friend the chief judge on that court pointed out most judges are not in the position where people are going to come on to their property and do this. they live in gated communities, they have garages or whatever. this is a case in which the judges just are out of touch with the way ordinary people live. >> sean: that's a good point. secondly, i don't want the government thinking they have the right to come on to my private property put a gps tracking device and say this does not violate your rights. >> perhaps this will be overturned by the supreme court.
9:48 pm
>> the intrusion of these electronic means. i start reading about google. >> sean: have you seen google earth? >> yes, they have a pool in the backyard, collecting taxes on your pool. >> sean: it is long island, new york, using google earth, if you have a pool thank you didn't apply for a permit for, they are finding you. i don't want google earth, you know looking at my wife in a bikini. i don't want a government official -- by the way that's why i wear a shirt in the pool when i go swimming in case they are watching. big brother. >> i happen to agree. you have to admit there's really practice uses to google. >> sean: hot babes at the pool? >> looking for directs, you are unfamiliar with a place. [ talking over each other ] >> to your point about the car, that is ridiculous. >> sean: you are in your backyard in your bathing suit you want government to see >> more importantly when i'm in my car i don't want them
9:49 pm
tracking where i'm going. >> sean: i don't want that either. all right guys good to sigh. >> one man's journey across the united states on foot. find out why this native new yorker decided one day he had to make this trip. straight ahead. gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: welcome back. we recently sent out our own ainsley earhardt to meet up with a young man, what is compelling him to make a 3,000 plus mile journey? >> reporter: i first met 24-year-old mark in a local diner on a steamy morning in
9:54 pm
northern florida. he sat quietly eating breakfast, talking to the local customers and making new friends. as mark prepared to head out into the hot florida heat one of his new friends picked up his tab. something that happens to mark often. then he strapped on his backpack and said good-bye. so who is this guy? why are strangers paying for his meal and giving him a standing ovation in a restaurant? [ applause ] >> thank you guys! >> reporter: he's a man on a mission. a mission to walk across the entire united states. it is a mission he says, that is worth every cross-country step he takes. it all started 4 1/2 months ago in mark's hometown of ellicottville, new york. middle of three, younger brother adam just finished second tour in afghanistan.
9:55 pm
older brother eric just served in iraq. mark was the adventurous one and never left home. while his brothers were figuring out life, mark couldn't make up his mind. >> there's always been a big dream out to there for me i thought it was living in ellicotville if i opened a restaurant it could be good i could be a business other than. i started thinking it is not what i would like to do with my life. i don't want a 9 to 5 type job. i'd like to give back the best way i can. >> reporter: all it took was one book that would change the course of mark's life. "walk across america" by peter jenkins. >> pick it up off my parents' book shelf. wow that is cool. i read it, it took me two days it is 355 pages. it blew my mind. the adventures this guy had. >> reporter: not really going anywhere by staying in his
9:56 pm
town it book inspired him to dream pick and walk across the united states. >> he's a fly by night individual. when he talked about the walk he talked about it months ago. i never took it seriously. >> reporter: he was serious. armed with a new purpose. to hahn hours two brothers and all who served in the armed services and walk 4500 miles from new york to california. >> i figure, a walk across america would put me into the soldiers' shoes. they are putting their lives on the line. so i'm going to put myself in an uncomfortable situation and go ahead and concur the u.s. here. >> reporter: mark isn't just walking to honor his brothers he's also walking to raise money for a western new york charity called warriors' wish. march 16th, 2010 when friends and family and a backpack filled with camping gear and one big dream, mark set off
9:57 pm
for california. all on foot. mark has covered a lot of ground since he started 4 enough months ago. >> i walk to pennsylvania then across to philadelphia i had a cheesesteak then went to d.c., from d.c. to richmond. richmond to cam lejeune. camp lejeune to charles stone, paris island, savannah, jacksonville, tallahassee. >> reporter: i caught up with him in destin, florida. how many shoes have you gone through? >> 4 1/2 pair. >> reporter: how often do they run out? >> 550 miles or so >> reporter: what is the best part about doing this? >> doing good. i'm hoping i make a difference. the travels i've been having, it is great. the people i've met, it goes to show that all americans are
9:58 pm
generally good. >> reporter: tell me about warrior wish. how is the money you are raising -- >> money is being used to grant wishes for our veterans out there. warriors' wish grants veterans and family wishes. we just granted a wish for john beard and his family we are sending him to disneyland and also universal studios, all expenses paid. >> i think it is an excellent idea. it shows great patriotism for our country. it is amazing that a young man would do that for many veterans. >> reporter: how much have you raised so far? >> about eight toy $100,000. >> reporter: how? >> i'm passing out pledge cards to people i meet along the way. >> reporter: if people are home and want to give money how do they do that? >> they can go to patriot
9:59 pm >> reporter: what has surprised you? >> human kindness. the graciousness of others. people know i'm vulnerable they do whatever they can to help. >> reporter: nearly 1500 miles in and 3,000 to go, mark still has a long road ahead. >> i'm going to be heading west now through texas into colorado, crossing the rockies hopefully by october 21st, at the latest. then heading down to las vegas and ending aboard the uss midway in california end of november, beginning of december. >> reporter: here we are in your run of the mill diner on an average florida morning. clapping and honoring what people see as american. >> it is something that is possible all you got to do is have a plan and a fullback pack and you can make some stuff map.

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